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Welcome to YURTA (Canada), the website of a unique contemporary shelter that is:

>Quick to install
>Easy to transport
>Minimal in footprint

The YURTA is an original design developed to provide a strong yet truly portable dwelling that is rooted in nomadic tradition. Traditional yurts are considered to be portable structures. If you require a shelter that will provide a very comfortable space with a capacity to be easily moved then YURTA is the right choice.

Our goal is to build strong, comfortable and inspiring living spaces in the best of tent making tradition. We make one size and we make it well. The Yurta(17.86) with insulation weights 502lbs/ 227kg and can be set-up or taken-down by 2 people in about 2 hours. We offer a 17' / 5.2m (diameter) Yurta with 2 wall height options. It features 3 large windows and a large operable dome.

For larger spatial needs we recommend interconnecting multiple units. Please browse through this site to discover the many unique features of YURTA and contact us directly with any questions that you may have.

In 2004, we designed and built our very first Yurta at our rural studio in Lanark Highlands, Ontario on the picturesque outskirts of Ottawa. In July 2011 we moved to the charming hamlet of Greenwood, minutes north of Pickering Ontario, where the Yurta can be visited by appointment.

We continue to produce the Yurta in a conscientious manner with respect for our clients, community and environment. Our rural-based studio, is the hub where we design, develop, test and manufacture the Yurta. Certain components, such as our doors and custom hardware are made according to our specifications by local master carpenters and metal smiths. We support independent local shops and rely on their workmanship to meet the high standards that we have come to expect.

The proximity between design and production allows us to maintain attention to detail and quality as well as the expertise to customize and develop a specific variation and are always open to your ideas.

These little buildings continue to be a source of inspiration which fuels our creative drive as we believe that even micro-architecture can be great.

The yurta team,

Marcin Padlewski
Anissa Szeto-Padlewska Patrick Ladisa

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Welcome to Yurta.ca

Read what Joan's Walters said about the Yurta she visited at the Fall Home Show [Click here]

"Firstly, Thank you so much for all of your help and support, and for the amazing Yurt! It is such a beautiful structure to be in. Your attention to all the little details is amazing, right down to the zip-in windows and aluminized felt. Awesome! So, cheers to you for your dedication to excellence in design, sustainable and versatile housing" - Shamus Birkel- Nelson, BC

"We just love our yurta, we're happy to let everyone know!" "Last week we finished laying down an oak floor and then sanding, sanding, sanding! We are SO happy with the way it looks though! I can hardly believe how beautiful it is! It's amazing actually; it's such a beautiful and comfortable space to be in. I love the windows and it's nestled so beautifully in the trees...."
-Laura Weeks- Perth, Ontario

"Spatially gracious - like a natural forest clearing" -Emmanuelle Van Rutten and Mohammed Al Riffai- Ottawa, Ontario

"The Yurta is amazing. I find it to be a total time warp in there - I plan on staying for an hour and end up staying an extra 4 without even realizing!" -Erin and Mike- Vancouver, BC

"Sturdy, robust, bomb-proof in any inclement weather, far surpassing a mere tent in comfort and dare I say, rustic opulence…but more, it's nature's Tardis - when I cross the threshold from a barren landscape into its roomy, welcoming interior, I'm enveloped in a cocoon-like womb of sensory delights w/ the rich play of natural materials soothing my senses and transporting me to a realm of comfort and connectedness w/ the living environment around me." -Christian Frederick- Ottawa, Ontario


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